Tenement basement conversion

Tenement basement conversion

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Hi. We are looking for guidance with regards (specifically) the initial stages of how to go about getting the checks, estimates, and information, for a conversion beneath our property.

We live on the ground floor of a grade 2 listed tenement flat in Glasgow, that is elevated 1 floor at the rear. There is a sealed Victorian washroom directly beneath our kitchen (same footprint) at the rear, and we have between approximately 5 and 11 feet of space in the solum beneath the rest of the flat.

We would ideally like to convert and damp proof the Victorian washroom, and run stairs to it from the cupboard in our flat’s hall. If possible, also converting and damp proofing the solum under our hall and living room.

We understand from our deeds that their are ‘communal’ areas in the tenement, and that although the washroom is not specified, we may need to purchase that from the other residents, with a legal cost also attached. From our research we are under the impression that the solum directly beneath our floor belongs to us (is that correct?).

Can you advise what our first steps should be? What type of professional should we approach first?

Many thanks

Question Posted By – Neil In Area – West Central Scotland
This question has been asked in a Scottish region any response below will be specific to Scottish Planning Permission or Building Regulation advice.

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission01-08-2018

    Hi Neil.

    Your property title deed would normally give information as to who own the solum, generally from past experience in flats/apartments this is normally communal to the whole building. But this may be different with older properties.

    It is possibly you would need to purchase the right to use this area from the other properties within the same title deed. Your neighbours may expect some compensation for this as well as the legal cost paid for.

    Planning permission would be required for any conversion as it is part of a flat/apartment block.

    A planning application may cost you a few thousand pound and getting all the legal permission in place with your neighbours may be a similar cost depending on how many neighbours you have.

    I would suggest discussing this in principle with your neighbours might be a good starting point. Follow this with an initial inspection from an architect or engineer to see if the area will be suitable for conversion then lodge a planning application. Once the planning permission is approved you could move onto the legals with your neighbours.

    You would then need a building warrant before you could start works.

    Thanks for using Do I Need Permission.

    • NeilNeil01-09-2018

      Hi, thanks very much for your detailed and informative reply. Yes, we feared and expected the legal and administrative costs would be high, and that’s before getting anywhere near building costs. But the hope that it prevents the need to move flat is the driver.

      Thanks again.

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