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Do I Need Planning Permission ScotlandTERMS AND CONDITIONS

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Ask An Expert

Any advice or information given in the “Ask An Expert” section or any linked pages is for guidance only. Although we take great care in the information provided “Do I Need Permission” is not responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect advice.

Any response or comments left by other is not the views or opinion of “Do I Need Permission”.

Who Can Help (Company Listings)

Your company email and website details (as provided in the request form) will be linked within the websites “Who Can Help” sections, you should check these are correct once your listing is live.

Your company logo or advert will be displayed (if provided) and linked to your website. Copying of any logos or adverts from any part of this site is prohibited without the owners permission.

“Do I Need Permission” may remove or alter your listing without prior notice.

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If you wish your listing to be removed or altered you should email contact@doineedpermission.co.uk.

Use of your information

Ask An Expert (For submitted questions)

“Do I Need Permission” stores your email address and name on our database. Your email address will not be publicly displayed, your name will be displayed on your question. You only have to use a first name if you wish.

When you submit an Ask An Expert question you will receive an email notification with a link to your question, we also notify our network of professionals your question has been posted. We do not share your email address but they will see the name you have entered.

Quote and Cost Services

“Do I Need Permissions” quote and cost services are provided by “Quotatis” who will contact you with the information you have provided in the form. Do I Need Permission does not store any information entered on the “Quotatis” forms.

Any contractors, builders, other professionals or works you instruct through this service is at your own choice.

Disclosure of your information

“Do I Need Permission” does not disclose or share any contact information or email addresses entered that are stored By Do I Need Permission unless required to do so for legal reasons.

If you wish your “Ask an Expert” question to be removed which will also remove any information stored by us please email us with your question details to contact@doineedpermission.co.uk.

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