Upvc windows

Upvc windows

I purchased my flat in a conservation area 8 years ago, it however had upvc windows placed in 2007.
Has the planninjg law changed since then and was that allowed in that period. I know I certainly wouldnt get planning permission now.
I do have a form signing off the project by an architect that was supplied by the vendor at the time

  1. Do I Need PermissionDo I Need Permission08-21-2013


    This is difficult without knowing the specific project as the rules and restrictions on conservation area can vary depending on the particular area.

    The upvc windows may of been allowed if they were in the same style as the existing windows.

    Did the letter from the architect confirm no planning permission was required for the change or that they had been fitted to meet building regulations?

    The ideal thing to have would have been a certificate of lawfullness from the planning department. This would have confirmed that the proposed windows would not of required permission.

    It may be worth contacting you local planning department. You may be able to apply for permission in retrospect if the planning department thought this was necessary.

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