Who can apply?

Who can apply?

I am working on a project which aims to create kitchen gardens in 5 schools in East Lothian. We are putting in raised beds and glasshouses. At one school, Preston Pans Primary, we require planning permission as it is in a conservation area.

This has proved difficult as the the teacher who was responsible for the application no longer has time to deal with the application. There are two of us working on the project who would be happy to make the application but we wanted to know if this is possible as we are not the land owners and not directly employed by the school.

Can we make an application for work on land that we do not own and can we have multiple applicants on the application? We have had problems because as there was only 1 named applicant before we couldn’t deal with the planning department.

Yours Sincerely

Sam Hawthorne

  1. Douglas StrachanDouglas Strachan01-20-2014


    Anyone can make an application and they don’t need to own the land, although the owner will be notified. If you have a live application, the applicant or agent can be changed by the current applicant notifying the case officer. To alleviate this issue in the future, you may find it helpful to use an agent, who could act on behalf of multiple stakeholders. This would enable you all to be actively involved without having to change the applicant.

    The project sounds very interesting and has parallels with some work I am doing with community groups in Midlothian, so I would be happy to offer further advice and assistance if you wish to get in touch.

    Douglas Strachan
    Chartered Architect

    79 High Street – Miller’s Close
    Dalkeith Midlothian EH22 1JA
    0131 663 9735 07765 253 381

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